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Taking your driving lessons on a regular, weekly basis is the most common method for most of our students. You can arrange with your driving instructor a date a time that suits you the best.

You can take book your lessons for the duration that is best for you. We have 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes or 2 hour slots available. You can decide what ever you prefer.


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These intensive driving courses are aimed at those who are in a hurry to pass their driving tests. We have a wide range of course available from 10 hours to 60 hours.

It would be of great advantage if you have already passed the theory test, as we can not book the practical driving test until then.

Dates and times can be arranged with your driving instructor to suit you both.


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Motorway lessons Nottingham can now be offered during your normal driving lessons. However, this may not always be possible. So for those who would to take on extra lessons on motorways, either during your normal lessons, or after passing the driving test, then we can help.

Our driving instructors can arrange with you a date and time whenever suits you. If you have a route in mind, then our instructor can adapt the lesson to suit..


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Even after passing the driving test and driving alone, there is always ways to improve your driving skills. Each time we go out on the road there are different situations that can arise. So we can help you to develop the skills you already have and help you to advance further.

Refresher driving lessons in Nottingham are aimed to help those who are less confident and would like the extra practise with an instructor. We also aim this course to those who maybe haven’t driven for a while and just want a little bit of practise to get familiar with the driving again.


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Take your Theory Test Nottingham. We have teamed up with a leading theory test software developer who can offer all of our students FREE access. On starting your driving lessons with 10 to 2 Driving School we will allow you full access to this software.

Your instructor will also offer full help and support whilst you are studying for the theory test.


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Your driving instructor will cover every aspect associated with passing the driving test. They will prepare you to be up to standard to pass the driving test. Prior to booking the test they will take you out on a practice mock driving test to see if you are up to standard. Between you both, you can decide when to take book and take the test.

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Check out some of our testimonials left by previous students.
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Bobby was amazing! I was so anxious learning to drive but from the moment I got in the car he made me feel at ease and brought out the best in me, he took time to explain things before we put them into practice! Today I passed my test and I couldn’t have done it without his profession and patient approach to teaching! Thanks again Bobbyyour a star!

Michelle - Passed test 1st time.

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I started my driving lessons with Bobby in July and passed my test in October! He also took me out in my own car when I passed to get used to it, which was a great help. Bobby is a calm and patient instructor who I would recommend to anybody.

Marissa - Passed test 1st time.

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A very calm and even tempered driving instructor he was perfect for as I was nervous and easily spooked. He's method of instruction is very clear and not aggressive, a lovely man who communicates very well and is very effective teacher. I would recommend to anyone especially first time learners or people who are distressed by aggressive teaching methods.

Sam - Passed test 1st time.

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